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Holidays & Special Events

We have organized and developed many different events and holidays throughout the years. It is also a great opportunity for the stores we service to generate extra sales on those special days.

Valentines Day & Mothers Day

Feb 14 and Second Sunday in May


Valentines Day is all about the color red, that's why C.I.G. Flowers, Inc focuses on Red roses exclusively. On Mothersday, let's celebrate our Mothers with some great and colorful flowers.

ThanksGiving & Christmas


These wonderful holidays are totally focused on enjoying ones families. Flowers and different arrangements can and will make these days especially special.

Events & Special Meetings



Meetings, and any kind of event can become extra special with some small arrangements.


May - June


Bring joy to your graduates. Flowers, bears and other items are a great way to show how so very proud you are of them.

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