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Starting with the new millennium our company was born. We started delivering fresh flowers to gas stations in the Inland Empire. Initially simply putting a bucket with some bouquets on the floor of the station we started to sell. We are always grateful to those early businesses who helped C.I.G. Flowers, Inc blossom into the company we have become.

From Jaunty's Bloom to C.I.G. Flowers, Inc

Initially starting out as Jaunty's Bloom and establishing us firmly in the Inland Empire we soon were able to grow west into the Los Angeles area as well. After a few years we felt the need to incorporate under the name of C.I.G. Flowers, Inc.


Under C.I.G. Flowers, Inc, Jaunty's Bloom continuously leads the way in perfecting the creation and delivery of fresh flower products to stores.

In the year 2007 we were able to call stores like Walgreens and others as our awesome customers.

Our Vision

Providing fresh flowers, gifts and excellent service to our customers on a regular consistent basis.

For the past 15 years we have been growing together thanks to our customers input and the continued effort to improve and to streamline everything from production, to delivery and service.

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