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Care and Handling

Flowers are alive and should be given special care. However, they behave slightly different once they are cut from their roots. In order to prolong the life of the flowers a simple mixture of equal parts of sprite or 7UP with water will work wonders.


Keep flowers cool and away from direct sunlight:

    Especially Roses are very sensitive to the sun, unfortunately, once flowers are cut and out

    of the ground they will wilt much faster in direct sunlight.


Remove all foliage below the water line:

    Leaves below the waterline will promote the growth of bacteria and will contaminate the

    rest of the flowers. However, leaves above the waterline help the stems draw up water for

    the flowers. So, it’s good to have many leaves on the stems. 


Recut flowers every other day: 

    Re-cutting the stems every few days, even a small amount, helps the flowers to

    continually draw water and will extend its life.

Everyday Flowers used in our bouquets and arrangements.

Some of the flowers or colors are available seasonally only. 

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